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Nessa's Night Out - from Magazine Pages to Televison

Nessa's Night Out - from Magazine Pages to Televison

  Vanesa Heart talks about her love of punk rock and what inspired her to write music articles and...

Revenant Custom Guitars

Revenant Custom Guitars

IMAGE MAGAZINE: Revenant Custom Guitars Written by: Vanessa Heart Revenant Custom Guitars is a...

Canine Couture

IMAGE MAGAZINE: Canine Couture By: Vanessa Heart The weather is starting to warm up, which means...

Belleview Clothing

IMAGE MAGAZINE: Belleview Clothing Written by: Vanessa Heart Denver is a bustling Metropolis, exploding...

Nessa's Night Out: The Mansfields

NESSA'S NIGHT OUT with The Mansfields Written by: Vanessa Heart Varla Magazine - Issue #7 A highly...

Nessa's Night Out: Hemi Cuda

Siren's Lingerie

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Top Story - Vanessa Heart on the fashion industry -Part 1

What Does a “Plus Size Model” Think About Fashion & Beauty Advertising? Part One of an Exclusive... - Vanessa Heart on the fashion industry -Part 2 did a two part feature exploring my opinions on the Fashion Industry as a Plus Model. ...

Heartbreaker Hairpieces

Heartbreaker Vanessa was inspired to create her own line of punk & rockabilly...

Lady In Waiting I'm a big music fan... I love Kiss and you (gene-but...

Biography: Vanessa Heart

BIOGRAPHY: Vanessa Heart Vanessa Heart is a real renaissance woman; she embodies that true artistic...

Glam-Metal Interview

Sass Magazine

Covet Magazine

Punk Rock Chicks Interview

Rockin Bones

Classic - Spirits amoung us

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INKED Mag Cover Model Contestant

INKED Mag Cover Model Contestant

Vanessa Heart is an official INKED Magazine Cover Model Contestant! Vote for her to be the next Cover...

Art Nouveau

Art Nouveau

Vanessa Heart is inspired by her recent trip to Greece and her love of Victorian, Edwardian and Art Nouveau....

Muse Memento

"I love art that is fucked up, disturbing, hilarious, weird, emotional, beautiful, or different." ...

Writer for Inkspired Magazine

Vanessa Heart interviews Mike Roche of TSOL - Vanessa Heart on the fashion industry

FASHION & BEAUTY Plus Size Model Vanessa Heart recently interviewed Vanessa Heart for...

Retro Glamour

Music Videos

Endo the Pain

Dr. Sketchy's Anti- Art School

LUPEC's Prom Redux Fashion Show

March of the Zombies


UNSEEN: Nessa's Night Out with Deadbolt

UNSEEN: Nessa's Night Out with Deadbolt

Muse Memento

"I love art that is fucked up, disturbing, hilarious, weird, emotional, beautiful, or different."
An Artistic Muse


hen I started modeling at 17 years old it was because I wanted an artistic release; playing a character, expressing an emotion or challenging the stereotypes of the times were how I expressed myself. Through the years the artistic aspects of modeling seemed fleeting and the passion I once had was diminishing. I found myself bored with modeling. I took many years off to reevaluate my reasons for starting in the first place and to focus my energy on other artistic endeavors.

When I re-emerged I had grown into my voluptuous womanly figure and decided to try and leave my mark on the world of PLUS SIZE modeling. I found I had quite a bit of challenges ahead of me. I no longer had the more acceptable modeling figure and I no longer had the niche of my long bright hot pink hair, which was not very common 10 years ago. I also had a new out-look on life, leaving behind my angry "fuck society" punk rock attitude, which seemed to bode so well for me in my previous years in the modeling community.

I have found myself wanting to do something different. I tried to once again turn some of my artistic concepts into reality. Yet I found myself on a constant battle field of trying to explain my artistic concepts to photographers. Trying to explain the message I wanted to convey. It was actually appalling to find out that because my concepts had more of a artistic emotional message, not just a sexy message that my ideas were being shot down.

I even had one photographer cancel a shoot the day before, not paying any mind into all the time, money and staffing efforts that I had put forth. Feeling the pressures of society's modern grasp of "Oh, I'm not tattooed enough", "I'm not edgy enough", "I'm not mainstream enough" or the pull of somehow being type casted into some pin up role, which I may take on in my day-to-day life, but I feel I have a far wider range then just being "a pin-up" model. I was almost completely discouraged and appalled at the industry as a whole. I felt that the art of photography was fleeting and in it, modeling was losing its appeal once again.

But I wasn't gonna give up that easily. I started contacting different artists, writing them about my concepts, searching for someone who had the vision to creatively collaborate on some projects. Luckily, I was able to start working with a variety of artistic individuals who saw beauty and merit to my concepts. And together our artistic concepts started to flow, which once again put the ART back into modeling. I was able to surround myself with individuals whom also appreciated me as a PLUS SIZE model and as an artist. Slowly I have been able to find like minded people who just want to create art or something weird or different. Breaking molds of what a model should be or the concept that in this day in age that we aren’t allowed emotional freedoms to be ourselves, to feel, to love and to hurt.

I love art that is fucked up, disturbing, hilarious, weird, emotional, beautiful, or different. I refuse to ever be labeled, because I am not a singular human being. I am multi-faceted and those layers are more than external. Art is a feeling, art is a vision in my soul, for this reason I wish to always create. Whether it be writing, painting, drawing, modeling, digital art, web design or so-forth. I am an artist first and fore-most.

I would like to share some of my recent artistic collaborative endeavors, each one as their own beautiful concept.

Here is a piece that Jodajen and I collaborated on.This was a concept that I had wanted to create for sometime. A literal translation of heartbreak. I think that this image is beauty, art and emotion all in one piece. I want to share it as a work of art along with this beautiful poem I found by T'Asia McCain.

Vanessa Bleeding Jodajen



"My heart has fallen to the floor
It speaks and sweetly dreams never more
My heart is gentle like glass
It shattered and has burned to ash
You let love die
Emotions lie embedded within love’s blind eye
My heart has fell within the cracks
Of my broken spirits tracks
You brought my heart so much light
And turned my soul to your heart’s delight
Now I fall deep in the abyss
Your loving smile is what I miss
No longer are you in my life
And I now have to pay the price
My heart has fallen to the floor
It screams and cries forever more"








Vanessa Bleeding Heart Jodajen


Here is another collaborative piece with Jodajen.

"I loved him so much, I ripped my own heart out to show him.
He scoffed, mocked me and turned his head. 
I gave him my heart, but he wanted my soul." -VH

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