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Nessa's Night Out - from Magazine Pages to Televison

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INKED Mag Cover Model Contestant

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March of the Zombies


UNSEEN: Nessa's Night Out with Deadbolt

UNSEEN: Nessa's Night Out with Deadbolt

March of the Zombies

Vanessa talks about her love of creating her own zombie army.



Blog by: Vanessa Heart

Recently, I participated in the "March of the Zombies" Fashion Show... except this year I was not on the stage, but more behind the scenes. My line of Hair Accessories, Heartbreaker Hairpieces were featured on the fashion models and backstage I was zombifying various members of the rock band, Lola Black. One thing most may not know, is that I have a love for all things "Zombie" and one of my all time passions has been to "create the walking dead".

Through the years I've been fortunate enough to be surrounded by some amazing friends who do special f/x makeup and through their guidance I trained myself on various zombie special f/x make up techniques. When I heard that there was a Zombie Fashion show, I knew this would be a fun opportunity. Heartbreaker Hairpieces was asked to participate in the show and I was really excited to take part in a Zombie fashion show yet, I was really wanting to create some undead. Then the band Lola Black asked me to zombify them for the "March of the Zombies" show and I was more then excited to oblige.

Denver seems to be a mecca of zombie-related activities. Every year we have the Zombie Crawl, in which thousands of local zombies come out and terrorize the streets of downtown Denver and the 16th Street Mall. Last year I was able to zombify one of my friends. She was so impressed that she insisted that I start zombifying people professionally, and that is precisely what I plan to do. I see all sorts of zombies and each zombie artist has their own technique. My favorite zombie technique is to create layers of ripped flesh, giant wounds that reveal something below, whether it's a hint of bone, muscle or teeth.

To get a better idea of my zombie art style, check out Chris & Annie from Lola Black.

And if your a Denver local and have a party, zombie crawl or whatever it maybe and needs to be zombified then I can be hired to zombify you, your friends, or your entire party! E-mail: This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it


Annie from Lola Black with Zombie Makeup Artistry by Vanessa Heart
Photo by: Westword Magazine

ZOMBIE ARTISTRY by Vanessa Heart

Zombie Artistry by Vanessa Heart

Zombies from the band Lola Black:
Annie, Chris and Lola

Book Vanessa to create zombies in denver for your next music video, show, pub crawl, event, bachelor parties, halloween or whichever zombie event your heart desires. This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it

Photographer: Taren Cunningham

- I would like to extend a special thanks to Taren for her assistance with the "March of the Zombies" Show as well as Shea Dunbar for assisting with Heartbreaker Hairpieces at the show

Wanna see more pics? Check out Vanessa Heart's Zombie Shoot with Shea Dunbar...



More about the "March of the Zombies" from the Examiner:


By: Jess d'Arbonne the Denver Zombie Examiner at

Last night Bender's Tavern in downtown Denver hosted the third annual March of the Zombies fashion show. Organized by Denver designer Summer Jackson, the event showcased the finest fashions of local designers and artists, accompanied by three of the most rockin' local bands.

Oh yes, and there were zombies.

Audience and models alike were decked out in zombie finery, with open wounds, bloody sores, and rotting flesh. Makeup artists Aaron Spriggs, David Britton, and Liz Fitter did their damnedest to make the gorgeous models as monstrous as possible. Local designers Summer Jackson, LLC; Jackson Ink; Broken; and Working Class Ink put forth some of their most stunning work, inspired by zombies.

This reporter is not one for empty praise, so when I write that the designs of this year's March of the Zombies were truly inspired and innovative, you know I'm serious. Ribcage decals and black lace adorned outfits that bridged the gap between the punk rock and the delicately feminine. Some of the best work was in the T-shirt designs, with screen prints of the models' own zombified faces, and decals taken from all things monstrous.

The combination of high fashion and the grotesque set the tone or the evening, with the audience dancing like demons to the tunes of three of the most talented and unique bands in Denver. Reggae punk mash-up Split Second Massacre opened the show, infecting the audience with their outspoken energy. DJ and drummer duo MF Kaaos mixed beats while the models shambled down the runway. Topping off the evening was Denver punk sensation Lola Black and her band, introducing themselves with a warm "F*** you" to the crowd of excited fans.

There was so much going on at the March of the Zombies III it was hard not to have fun. Local artist Johnny Applegate painted live art; Ted Thompson of Working Class Ink displayed his zombie-inspired artwork (you'll recognize his work from the MOTZ promo poster); Fort Collins author Brian Kaufman signed copies of his zombie novel, Dead Beyond the Fence; the work of Heartbreaker Hair Pieces graced the models; and Denver baker Caitlyn Herst of C-Cups was there with some tastey brain-shaped cupcakes. Zombie art was displayed on the walls and on the models.

The atmosphere was lively, despite the members of the undead community. The audience cheered and danced for the designers and bands, and the models let their inner zombies show, snarling at the audience and stalking down the runway. All in all, the March of the Zombies III was a party to die for, celebrating the most epic talent in Denver.

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