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Top Story - Vanessa Heart on the fashion industry -Part 1

What Does a “Plus Size Model” Think About Fashion & Beauty Advertising? Part One of an Exclusive... - Vanessa Heart on the fashion industry -Part 2 did a two part feature exploring my opinions on the Fashion Industry as a Plus Model. ...

Heartbreaker Hairpieces

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Sass Magazine
Photo by: Saryn Angel!
Don't teal... photo belongs to
Miss Vanessa Heart
Miss Heart is the very beautiful lady who won the pin up contest for October 2003 held at our official yahoo group! Congratulations!
(photo by Saryn Angel)

1. What or who inspired you to model?

My reasons for modeling spawn from a mix of hating the quote "Mainstream image of what a model should look like" and loving Marilyn Monroe. Marilyn Monroe was beautiful no matter what size she was and she was admired for her curves. I never thought a twig-looking thing was sexy... I love the shape of classic pin- ups and Marilyn has been my inspiration since I was a child. In my own mind I would like to think that I am a modern Punk Rock Marilyn but of course that is just what I would like to think.

2. How would you describe your modeling (image)?

I'm not sure of what my image is exactly? I mean I don't have a mohawk or a ton of tattoos, so I don't think I can be called a quote "Punk" model, but I would like to think that I have my own unique edge. I got blond and pink hair... and I'm a combination of suger and spice. I would like to think that my photos represent the many different qualities of myself. I mean... we all have it in us to be a seductress, a little suicidal, a little goofy, a little over the top or maybe just plain insane!

But for general reference I would like to think that I bring something unique to the modeling industry... that I have a sort of mysterious quality to me cause I don't limit myself to one particular style.

3. What do you want to express through your modeling?

That a girl doesn't have to be a size 3 to be sexy and you don't need to try and look like everybody else. I honestly think that by sticking to my guns... that I have achieved more then if I would, had I listened to other people instead of following my own principles. I never tried to weigh a 100 lbs or change my hair when people said it would be bad for any sort of modeling career (I got wigs... if I need to look normal).

Honestly, something few know about me... is that in Jr. High and all through out elementary school I was the "Fat kid" in class that everyone picked on and when I started modeling, every snap of the camera felt as if I was punching a kid in the face that once picked on me. And that is a great feeling! I accomplished something that was once an impossible goal and I hope to accomplish many others. I think I'm one of those people that when someone puts me down it inspires me to give them the finger and to bust my butt and do something worthwhile.

4. Do you model on a daily basis? If not, what is your day job?

No, I'm a college student and I work at a nightclub. I'm in school studying multimedia... I am planing on becoming a Web Designer (I do or perhaps design cd covers, or be a creative director at an advertising firm... who knows? If my modeling takes off more, or I might become a full- time writer, or a Music VJ? I dunno.... I'm an Aquarius... we tend to be the dreamer type?

5. What do you enjoy the most about modeling?

Ummmm..... Well, the end result... I mean... I'm the fat kid who then looks at a photo and is like... "who the fuck is that"... it's a good feeling... ya know?

6. Who are some of your favorite models?

Ahhhh.... naturally Marilyn Monroe... and when I was 8 years old I used to say Cindy Crawford cause she was a smart college gal before becoming a model. But mostly Marilyn and naturally other gals in the modern pin-up world... they all inspire me in some way.

7. What hobbies/activities do you do for fun?

I pet my cat, I listen to 80's punk music, I watch that 70's show and will & grace. If I have the time I go to the local fetish club... it's always nice to see people getting whipped..hee hee. And for general reference.... for fun... I like to drink tequilla, go to a punk show, get rowdy and just act like an idiot!

But yeah, I am often busy with work, school, and modeling so sometimes fun is a hard thing to plan. Oh... I forgot... yeah I also like to run around pretending to be British or a Pirate... depends on my mood.

8. What are your favorite clothing/accessory stores?

Hmmm... Favorite Clothing anything pink... I am an odd shopper... I am attracted to pink or shiny objects... I am much like a kitten when it comes to clothes... dangle a shiny object in front of my face and surely I will paw at it.

9. What can we expect from you in the future?

Ummmm??? I dunno... check out But I am wanting to do some more horror stuff... I really want to be in a horror films (note to rob zombie... I'd be great in your next flick!) I would just really like to break out into acting! I think that is the next logical step and something I really want to do.

10. What are your site addies?


Heartbreaker Hairpieces

Vanessa Heart has her own line of hair accessories, Heartbreaker Hairpieces!

Heartbreaker Hairpieces

Heartbreaker Hairpieces come in a variety of fun bright punk rock colors and adorned with hand painted glitter skulls, dice, or lined with a hand painted glitter trim and each one is hand crafted.!


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