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Top Story - Vanessa Heart on the fashion industry -Part 1

What Does a “Plus Size Model” Think About Fashion & Beauty Advertising? Part One of an Exclusive... - Vanessa Heart on the fashion industry -Part 2 did a two part feature exploring my opinions on the Fashion Industry as a Plus Model. ...

Heartbreaker Hairpieces

Heartbreaker Vanessa was inspired to create her own line of punk & rockabilly...

Lady In Waiting I'm a big music fan... I love Kiss and you (gene-but...

Biography: Vanessa Heart

BIOGRAPHY: Vanessa Heart Vanessa Heart is a real renaissance woman; she embodies that true artistic...

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Classic - Spirits amoung us

Covet Magazine

Covet Magazine

with Vanessa Heart

Watch Out, She is a Heart Breaker?

Covet Magazine: First off what are your stats/measurements?
Vanessa Heart: 20 foot penis! Rack like a 12 year old and a butt like J-Lo

CM: Sounds good for monster penis watchers, lovers of 12 year olds and fan of the big booty. What would you say is your best asset?
VH: My lips!!! I am a Marilyn Monroe fan and my lips are the feature that I think  me and her have in common cause we both have full, pouty, seductive lips!

CM: With those seductive eyes, I bet you have to fight the boys and girls of with a stick?
VH: A stick, twig, baseball bat, pepper spray, numb chucks, whatever useful tool I can find. But typically I don't beat off most chicks no double meaning implied.(or is it?dun, dun, dun)

CM: Given that question, this is a multi-sexual orientated magazine, without going deep into your business. Would you say you are a switch hitter?
VH: Define Switch hitter

CM: As in Bi, or Lesbian?
VH: I am a straight gal with bi-sexual tendencies.

CM: How do you feel about the gay/bi community? Are you comfortable?
VH: I am a straight gal with bi- sexual tendencies. I love gays! I usually have more of a problem with people that don't.

CM: Does your group cater to everyone, gay/straight/bi?
VH: But of course!

CM: Are you single?
VH: Yup, no one can tame Vanessa Heart! Heart Breaker! Hahahaha... Just kidding… I think I just haven't found Mr. Right yet. But I know one day I'
ll find him and say: "Wow, Billy Idol you were so much hotter 15 years ago!"”

CM: Oh SEETHER, you are so much hotter than Billy Idol. Lol. Ok, now that I'
ve made a total dork of myself, I'll bow my head in shame and move on. What are your favorite music and movie genres?
VH: Favorite music?  Wow lots of stuff. I don'
t know how to classify what exactly I like cause for example everyone has a different definition of what Punk is and what Rock N Roll is. But I love a lot of the 80's Rock and Punk genre. And I love a lot of Psychobilly, Rockabilly, and Blues as well!  But when it comes to movies I would have to say the mid to late 50's! When Elvis wasn't always in Hawaii, when Marilyn was a goddess and when Marlon Brando and James Dean were on every teenage girls bedroom walls and wet panties. That is one of my favorite movie eras! Just the fun and innocence of films! And how hopelessly cheesy and delightful it was when they randomly broke out into song and dance!

CM: I agree, 80's rock and punk still kicks ass even to this day. What is your background in the online/offline fetish community?
VH: Well, when it comes down to the fetish community.. I'm not quite sure? But I have my own little perverse and one of these days I'll get them on film!

CM: Uh whoa! Count me in for 3 orders of that tape. *scratches head in thoughts of amazement* Being that you are a fetish model, it is only fair to ask if you have any fetishes of your own?
VH: Oh yeah. I have some sort of vampire fetish. I love biting and scratching! And sort of a mix between being in control and being controlled sexually. You know biting and abusing someone one moment then the next them seductively kissing your neck and you sort of melt and then become the submissive one. I love the thrill of the tease!

CM: You should be very thrilled now, because you are teasing the shit out of me. I'm sure our readers are having a bad case of a watery mouth as well. Boy, and this is supposed to be interview on your e-groups. *bangs head to keep focus*   Why did you create your e-group?
VH: Well, I have had my website for about 2 years now and it originally was and recently it got changed over to The site is basically a way for fans/public to get to know me. I started my yahoo group as a way to actually communicate with people interested in the same things I'm into and to give fans a platform to regularly contact me.

CM: When did you create your e-group?
VH: My yahoo group was created rather recently. Just a few months ago in the beginning of March. And I'm proud to say I have over a 100 members within a 2 month period!

CM: What would you say your model style is more geared towards?
VH: Probably whatever stage I'm going through at the moment...hahaha. Mostly the sort of things that attract me or the styles and genres of music I find seductive. Anything from being chained up to simply hanging out in a cemetery. I try to incorporate a lot of my punk and rock influences into my style. Whether it's flashing my Jem (80's cartoon about a all girl glam rock band) like hair (blond bangs/ pink hair) or digging into a wig collection and playing a character. I like to add dimensions and variety to my style. Not just limit my self to one particular style.

CM: Cool, I loved Jem. The Misfits rocked. So now for a heart breaking question, do you have a "no nudity" policy?
VH: Yeah, I figure there are lots of naked girls in the world why join them?

CM: Has that policy always been in effect?
VH: Yeah, It's basically a personal pride and moral issue. If I wanted to get naked it would be with a significant other. I mean in order to offer your partner something special you can't be flashing it to the rest of the world. But then again I do love the female form and I hold nothing against other models that do pose in the nude. Actually I enjoy it.

CM: Would you ever drop it for any reason?
VH: Well, If a good reason arose I might consider it. Of course that being money. If I got paid a lot of money for tasteful nudity I would probably see no problem posing in the nude. I mean we all gotta bring home the bacon. I mean I love Marilyn Monroe, Betty Page and Dita Von Teese's Playboy spreads. They held a lot of beauty, elegance, and a sort of classic and timeless feature.

CM: Yes, and if you ever offer the world a spread like theirs, I'm sure it will be priceless. Are there any photo shoots that stand out as your favorite?
VH: One Photo shoot in particular no but photos yes. I love the horror themed shots I did with Tellis Coleman. The shoot was fun too! We shot on green screen so I had no clue what the outcome would be until I saw the end result. I just love the shots of me screaming with the ghosts and goblins all around. I think those pictures resemble a sort of 1950s B- movie era, and they constantly inspire me to want to act in horror films!

CM: Well Covet films is right around the corner. *HINT HINT* Are you a fan of the gothic lifestyle? Even offline in your personal life?
VH: The gothic lifestyle yes. I love the dark and creepy sort of beauty of it all. The music I typically can do without and I know I won't make any fans with that statement but it's true. I'm just not a big fan of industrial music but corsets, boots, and lots of eyeliner. I'll be a fan of that till the day I die. Plus, the whole seductive nature of the vampire” scene is very closely associated with the goth scene and as previously stated I have a vampire fixation.

CM: Vampire fixation. Hmmmm. *SEETHER ponders…* Do you take part in any other lifestyles?
VH: I am an avid lil punk rocker. As my friends state I am a glam punk. I love all the style elements of glam rock but with all the bad attitude and get drunk/ fuck all behavior of punk rock. That is more my scene. My fetishes are very gothic but my lifestyle is very glam punk. I don't think that I can be classified into one thing since I like many different scenes and bands.

CM: What is a day in the life of the Vanessa Heart like?
VH: Hmmm….. stay up all night, cause I'm a hardcore insomniac. So when and if I do sleep it's usually around 9 in the morning and depending on what I gotta do I'll wake up anywhere from 1-5 p.m. Then the first thing I do it either play a vinyl record or put a cd in. And it's gotta be very loud, typically I'll put in the Ramones, Joan Jett, Billy Idol, or just some random punk cd and try and wake myself up and then coat on some make up to weird the locals out. Hop in my car, either go to College, go to my job at a night club, go to a photo shoot, go to a punk show, or meet some friends to get drunk. My daily life typically will consist of one or two of those elements. Then go home and repeat it all over again. I typically have a busy life, I would like to believe that I'm lazy but I think I'm gonna have to admit to being goal orientated.

CM: Ambition. A woman after my heart. Any requirements to becoming a member of your e-group?
VH: Yeah, click the join this group button.

CM: L-O-Mother Fucking-L. Now that is funny. How many members you would say you have?
VH: About 130?

CM: How many active?
VH: I bet none of them are in a coma.

CM: Hopefully not, but then again this is the net, folks damn sure act like it at times. What would be the overall tone of your e-group?
VH: Say what you want get my input/feedback on it. Look at photos from parties, punk shows, bondage night, sneak peaks from recent photo shoots and get the latest scope on what I'm up to.

CM: What type of moderator would you consider yourself?
VH: An active one. I typically check it everyday. If I'm not crazy busy then I'll check it every few hours.

CM: Do other models frequent your e-group?
VH: Hmmm…. I'm not all that sure? I am a Varla girl. And many of the Varla gals frequent each others groups. It's kinda like a model exchange. We all tend to respect each others unique personalities and styles.

CM: Are you friends with any of them? Who would you recommend?
VH: I have never met any in person. But I really like Danielle Deville and Mimi le Meaux. Both have a diverse style and are into many of the same things I'm into.

CM: Are there any tools like chat rooms, files, and such being used?
VH: I dunno?

CM: Does your group ever get out of hand?
VH: Yeah, But I have a stick and pepper spray (previously mentioned) to beat them with and to keep every thing in check. I'm the regulator!

CM: When can a member go to far in your e-group? What will you do then?
VH: Hmmm…. No one has yet. Probably spamming my group or making shit up about me. That typically makes me wanna crack some skulls.

CM: Well we got you, if your in need of some muscle. Just point them out. Is there a ban policy? Any rules?
VH: Nope, do whatever the fuck you feel like. I'm pretty laid back  just don't go in my group and talk about Britney Spears latest record or how you cried to that fucking gay ass sappy emo song by barney loved emo in the sky on Sunday” or ___________(insert crappy emo band here).

CM: What would you say to newbies to the scene looking for an e-group to join?
VH: Join mine. And basically check out every link on my website You'll learn a lot and get an appreciation for all sorts of fetish/music scenes.

CM: How long do you plan to maintain your e-group?
VH: Till people still float.

CM: Any other plans for Vanessa Heart in the future, regarding the modeling and/or gothic community?
VH: Yeah, I am very much aspiring towards an acting career. I wanna do anything from intense drama, to B-movies, to horror films and suspense! I really wanna bring a new style/look to the screen much like Angelina Jolie. I really admire her work. I love how she always plays the chick that kicks butt or just the emotionally torn girl.  I hope to be on as many magazine covers as I can and see how long I can stick around in the public eye till they stone or banish me.

CM: Well Covet Films is right around the corner. *Hint, Hint* Now to your website, is it a free site or paid subscription?
VH: My website is free for all. It's basically there for my fans and clients. So please stop by and get a feel for Vanessa Heart. And check out my wish list and buy me something!!!! heeheehee
Heartbreaker vanessa heart

Heartbreaker Hairpieces

Vanessa Heart has her own line of hair accessories, Heartbreaker Hairpieces!

Heartbreaker Hairpieces

Heartbreaker Hairpieces come in a variety of fun bright punk rock colors and adorned with hand painted glitter skulls, dice, or lined with a hand painted glitter trim and each one is hand crafted.!


Heartbreaker Hairpieces for Sale!