Plus Size Model, Owner of Heartbreaker Hairpieces, Writer, Web/Graphic Designer, Zombie F/X Make Up Artist, & more.

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Top Story - Vanessa Heart on the fashion industry -Part 1

What Does a “Plus Size Model” Think About Fashion & Beauty Advertising? Part One of an Exclusive... - Vanessa Heart on the fashion industry -Part 2 did a two part feature exploring my opinions on the Fashion Industry as a Plus Model. ...

Heartbreaker Hairpieces

Heartbreaker Vanessa was inspired to create her own line of punk & rockabilly...

Lady In Waiting I'm a big music fan... I love Kiss and you (gene-but...

Biography: Vanessa Heart

BIOGRAPHY: Vanessa Heart Vanessa Heart is a real renaissance woman; she embodies that true artistic...

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Punk Rock Chicks Interview

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Photo from the main page of march & april 2001

Photo from the main page of for march and april 2003

1. Name : Vanessa Heart

2. Age : The bars think I’m 21.

3. Where do you live and/or hang out?: I live with the mountain goats and trees in good ol’ Colorado. Near Colorado Springs.

4. How did you find out about and why did you want to be a part of it?: Well, Punk chicks are definitely some of the hottest gals around and who wouldn’t want to be an official one.

5. Favorite Music / Groups: I love psychobilly, rockabilly, new wave, ROCK N ROLL!!! Punk Rock! Glam Rock! Anything from Blondie to The Virus – Elvis to Nekromantix. I just love music that is fun or violent or both!

6. Favorite Films, actors / actresses, and Books: Favorite films…. That’s a tough one. Well, I love Marilyn Monroe and Angelina Jolie, so almost anything by them will be rockin’. But I love Some
Like it Hot, Gia, Tank Girl, Girl Interrupted, Sid and Nancy, Empire Records, Interview with a vampire, Fight Club, and a new one would have to be Original Sin…. I mean how much more of a punk relationship can you get… they love each other then she bails with his money, he takes her back, then during a course of time they try to kill one another…. It’s totally love/hate. It was like watching what Sid and Nancy would have been like a few hundred years ago. It was awesome!

7. Favorite Drink and what's the funniest (or horrific) thing that's happened to you while drunk?: Favorite Drink? Tequila with salt and limes, Tuaca, or cosmopolitans. I’m typically a shot kinda gal. No time to be sippin’ on drinks. Hmmm…. I got many drunken stories. But I can think of one off hand… I remember a few years ago on Halloween I was a German beer girl. And I remember being very theatrical and in a shitty German accent, walking around the keg saying things like “I luv zee beir, ze bier is mine Freund” Then caressing and seducing the beer keg and preceding to hump the keg. Of course I had a small crowd of strangers watching saying things like “What the fuck?” and hearing other audience members laughing and saying “Ohhh…. That’s just Vanessa, she’s cool”. But I have many friends that will tell tales of very funny drunken times… I guess I can be quite amusing?

8. What do you look for in a Boy and /or Girl?:  Hmmm…. In guys, I tend to first look for someone with style. I have a fixation with sideburns and pompadours… along with glam rock boys. Something about the hair and make up? Then of course I gotta find someone who can out drink me… lol. Someone who is cool to hang with and doesn’t mind making out in front of large audiences…. Heeheehee. And that will treat me like a princess but will be my equal. And I rarely look for gals… but get me drunk and put a Purdy girl there and who knows what will happen?

9. Favorite position for doin' the nasty thing ? Shhhh…. It’s a secret.

10. Boxers or Briefs?:  Boxers! Let them bad boys fly free!

11. Great meal or Awesome sex?: Hmmmm? Well, if I had a steady boyfriend I would prefer the awesome sex! Cause they would probably take me out to eat anyway (Hmmm… no double meaning implied).

12. Vinyl or CDs?:  I’ve been having a conflict with that. Cause cd’s are convenient and can go anywhere. While my vinyls are stuck at home. But I say vinyl for older stuff and cd’s for new!

13. Which one would you go for - no job, disgusting body odor, and BIG penis or Millionaire, rock hard body and NO dick?: Ohhhh… the horrors! Why can’t I have the millionaire, rock hard body with a big package! Well, I would have to go for the rock hard body…. Hopefully they were a rock star sooo that would make up for the no dick part (sad very sad)… but that why Santa brings me toys.

14. Who would you KILL?: About 99% of the emo scene. And probably more then one or two ex- boyfriends. Oh and the singer to dashboard confessional… that guy annoys the shit out of me!

15. Finally, BIG question: Spit or Swallow? A lady never spits, that’s all I’m sayin’.... --- Soon to come!!! A New URL... The pictures were taken by Paul Gudzunas, but the ones of me in the superbitch shirt were taken by my mom, and you don't need to credit She made me... that's credit enough...heeheehee.

Heartbreaker Hairpieces

Vanessa Heart has her own line of hair accessories, Heartbreaker Hairpieces!

Heartbreaker Hairpieces

Heartbreaker Hairpieces come in a variety of fun bright punk rock colors and adorned with hand painted glitter skulls, dice, or lined with a hand painted glitter trim and each one is hand crafted.!


Heartbreaker Hairpieces for Sale!