Plus Size Model, Owner of Heartbreaker Hairpieces, Writer, Web/Graphic Designer, Zombie F/X Make Up Artist, & more.

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Top Story - Vanessa Heart on the fashion industry -Part 1

What Does a “Plus Size Model” Think About Fashion & Beauty Advertising? Part One of an Exclusive... - Vanessa Heart on the fashion industry -Part 2 did a two part feature exploring my opinions on the Fashion Industry as a Plus Model. ...

Heartbreaker Hairpieces

Heartbreaker Vanessa was inspired to create her own line of punk & rockabilly...

Lady In Waiting I'm a big music fan... I love Kiss and you (gene-but...

Biography: Vanessa Heart

BIOGRAPHY: Vanessa Heart Vanessa Heart is a real renaissance woman; she embodies that true artistic...

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Glam-Metal Interview




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photo by: erick leskinen

Age/Location/Measurements: 20, Colorado, 36,27,38
What are your hobbies? Illegally drinking, going to shows/fetish night, interviewing bands for my column in Varla magazine, posin' pretty, and updating my website(, all while going to College and working at a night club.
Do you have any piercing or tattoos and where are they? Belly button and nose pierced and a lil' tattoo on my back.
What is your favorite band/music? Hmmm.... I'll be general for this one. I love late 70's punk and naturally 80's as well. I have a love for sexy boys in makeup... so naturally I love Glam Rock. I also fantasy Psychobilly, Rockabilly, New Wave and good Ol' fashion Rock n' Roll.
Best/Worst dating experience:Best? When I saw this Elvis-looking guy and I dropped my sunglasses in mud and he made the effort to go wash them for me... dumb but it was a sweet gesture.
What is the worst pick up line you have heard?? I work at a night club... I've heard them all!
If you could get with any rock star who would it be?
I thought about that for a while and I was first gonna go with Elvis... but then I started thinking about a 1985 Billy Idol... I'm just guessing Billy would be better in the sack... I mean..."She cried more, more, more"...heeheehee that's me.

Favorite position? Upside down and hanging from a balcony.
Favorite SEX TOY: The Blender.
Where do you see yourself in 5 years? Hungover (or drunk), with lots of money and a bad hairdo.
Favorite Quote: "When did you make this decision... when you were sitting there eating your muffin?... Well yeah, I was sitting here eating my muffin, drinking my coffee and replaying, the incident in my head when as alcoholics would call it... I can a moment of Clarity"- Pulp Fiction
How do you feel about being Babe of the month? I creamed my panties.
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Vanessa Heart

Heartbreaker Hairpieces

Vanessa Heart has her own line of hair accessories, Heartbreaker Hairpieces!

Heartbreaker Hairpieces

Heartbreaker Hairpieces come in a variety of fun bright punk rock colors and adorned with hand painted glitter skulls, dice, or lined with a hand painted glitter trim and each one is hand crafted.!


Heartbreaker Hairpieces for Sale!