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Canine Couture

Image_Mag_Canine_Header_webIMAGE MAGAZINE: Canine Couture

By: Vanessa Heart

The weather is starting to warm up, which means now it's a fun time to show off some great new threads and accessories. You can tote around a "mini you" and you won't have to adopt a Cambodian child like Angelina Jolie. Everyone from the posh princess to the punk rocker down the block can have a fun fashion friendly accessory. It's called the small dog.

Little dogs are the best fashion accessories! They are cute, versatile, and can go anywhere your purse can. Take them to the bar, let them watch you drink. Take them shopping. Get matching outfits! Get adorable Versace puppy bags or Cartier diamond crusted doggie tags. These pint-sized companions complement any outfit! They are like little living dolls. You love Juicy Couture! Guess what - so does Fi Fi! You love little scarves and bows on your head! Well, now so can your little pint-sized purse friend.

So where in Colorado can you spoil your little pup you ask? Well, just go on down to Larimer Square to "Dog Savvy". They have the largest assortment of doggie clothing in Denver, everything from hoodies, shoes, rain gear, all the way over to doggie evening wear. When you go out on the town, you can dress up your little princess in an evening coat by Oscar Newman.

Doggie fashion accessories aren't limited to the upper class of society. You can Punk Rock out your pup with Vava Dog Clothing Hip gear for the urban dog. Vava offers punk rock and tattoo art inspired clothing for your pup! Finish the look by going to "For the Love of Dog" and treat your pooch to a blueberry facial or a pawdicure, complete with your choice of nail polish color.

Now every store from Hot Topic to Victoria Secret offers the latest fashions for you and your pooch! So go on! Buy one today! You will be the most fashionable Diva in your neck of the woods. I encourage you; please put a little tutu on your dog, or a little wig. We all love it and even if for pure amusement, you and your dog will make the world a better place for doing it.

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