Plus Size Model, Owner of Heartbreaker Hairpieces, Writer, Web/Graphic Designer, Zombie F/X Make Up Artist, & more.

Biography: Vanessa Heart

BIOGRAPHY: Vanessa Heart

Vanessa Heart is a real renaissance woman; she embodies that true artistic spirit that can sometimes be a rare treasure to find. She has been modeling for magazines, posters, cds, and dvds since she was 17 pinup6years old. She has hosted music videos for Mania TV and has her own line of hair accessories. But what truly sets her apart from most is that these are just a few of her accomplishments.


She has an A.A.S. in Visual Communications with an emphasis in Multimedia. She works full time as an Event Coordinator, Web Designer, Graphic Artist and Marketing Coordinator for a variety of places ranging from a medical center to software extensions. She also runs two of her own companies on the side. Blazing Heart Productions is her freelance web and graphic design project and she has her own line of hair accessories called Heartbreaker Hairpieces!


Vanessa is also a published writer. Her first articles were seen in Varla Magazine where she had a featured music column titled "Nessa's Night Out", which cataloged her adventures with a variety of local bands and musicians. Several years later, her writings were once again seen in Image Magazine in which she had landed the style columnist position, which meant that almost all her articles were cover stories.


In 2004, she hosted several shows on Mania TV and interviewed several bands on air such as KMFDM and Total Chaos. In 2006, fashion designer Rachel White and Vanessa Heart started Blonde Brigade Apparel, which featured adorable punk, rock and rockabilly inspired threads. In 2007, she started her own line of rockabilly & punk rock inspired hair accessories called Heartbreaker Hairpieces which can be purchased online at


pinup53In 2006, she was inspired to try her hand at event coordinating with the first official Blonde Brigade Apparel & Heartbreaker Hairpieces Fashion Show at the Ghost Train Christmas Concert. Since then she has honed her talent into coordinating such events as Health Fairs, Trade Shows, Anniversary & Company Parties and of course Fashion Shows.


Vanessa Heart has been doing makeup for a variety of photoshoots ranging from her own, to her models for Blonde Brigade Apparel and Heartbreaker Hairpieces. She recently discovered her love for Zombie F/X makeup. Her special zombie making skills could be seen in D.H.I.Y.F.’s upcoming music video or at the “March of the Zombie’s Fashion Show” and she is now extending her zombie making skills to the public for special events, films and movies. (Click Here for more details.)pinup43



As a plus size model, she feels representing women of all sizes is important, so you may have seen her in Denver strutting her stuff down the runway for a variety of fashion shows and events or you may have been to a fashion show featuring her line of Hair Accessories… Heartbreaker Hairpieces. She also guest bartends special events and private parties and has a great love for all things tiki and tiki drink related! Either way, you have probably seen or been somewhere where she has left her mark.


Vanessa Heart is a great example of what hard work, motivation and a little lipstick can do! &


Heartbreaker Hairpieces - Bernie Dexter

Heartbreaker Hairpieces

Vanessa Heart has her own line of hair accessories, Heartbreaker Hairpieces!

Heartbreaker Hairpieces

Heartbreaker Hairpieces come in a variety of fun bright punk rock colors and adorned with hand painted glitter skulls, dice, or lined with a hand painted glitter trim and each one is hand crafted.!


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