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Belleview Clothing

ImageMaycoverIMAGE MAGAZINE: Belleview Clothing

Written by: Vanessa Heart

Denver is a bustling Metropolis, exploding with art, music, fashion, and a productive nightlife that is why Belleview Clothing incorporates so much of our fair city into their apparel line. Even the name Belleview is inspired by a Denver street.

Belleview offers upscale urban apparel that is perfect for summer - utilizing 50's pulp comic art mixed with cutting edge Denver inspired imagery done in eccentric screen prints. Belleview gets a lot of their inspiration from local music and has been an avid supporter of the Colorado music scene. They have even sponsored the former Denver based band The Fray with apparel since before they hit it big. Belleview also throws fashion parties, which are well renowned and acclaimed by JFly Presents.

The company was started about a year ago by Anthony Faranole, a young entrepreneur who wanted to create a unique clothing line with his own artistic visions and concepts. He originally started Belleview with only a few hundred shirts and sold them exclusively in local boutiques. Soon the name and popularity superseded itself and his creations were a hit, selling out all over the city.

As the company grows, their designs keep expanding and changing. To keep a fresh face in fashion they only produce a limited number of each design and then it is discontinued. With such a high demand for Belleview's current selections of tees and hoodies, they are looking to expand into other genres of fashion including dresses, handbags, blazers, and denim. Their visions are already becoming a reality with the launch of their dress prototype at the In Bloom fashion show last month and with their upcoming summer styles including even more edgy apparel concepts and their unique one of a kind blazers.

Belleview Clothing is breaking the mold and driving a trend. Be sure to check out their new lines at the Sunneshine Boutique in Cherry Creek, and at Buffalo Exchange or The Fabric Lab in Denver. You can also let your fingers do the walking and view their full collection online at

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