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Revenant Custom Guitars


IMAGE MAGAZINE: Revenant Custom Guitars

Written by: Vanessa Heart

Revenant Custom Guitars is a completely unique and innovative guitar company that strives for personal touches. It's an elaborate combination of cutting-edge design spawned with functionality. Revenant is a custom electric guitar, bass, and baritone shop specializing in the obscure. Their designs vary from classic vintage bodied styles to bad ass punk rock inspired shapes.

These guitars are seriously one of a kind piece of art. The care and attention to detail that goes into each and everyone is unsurpassed. Some of the completely eye popping designs that caught my attention would be their innovative pin-striped, coffin-shaped basses and their completely glammed out hair metal inspired bloody V-shaped guitars.

Owning one of these guitars or basses would make anyone feel like a rockstar. Most seemed to be inspired from more of the underground genres of rock-n-roll, geared towards; industrial, death metal, punk, and psychobilly. Definitely a place to write home to ma and pa about, that is if your parents are former rock-n-roller bikers that could appreciate a fine piece of musical engineering.

Kevin Strawbridge and Dusty Baxter started Revenant Custom Guitars in 2004. They originally met at Phoenix Art School in 1990. Their combined expertise as designers, woodworkers and 3-D artists made them naturals at coming up with new ideas in guitar construction that noone had done before. They discovered that most of the customRevguitars builders copied previous designs and were usually more skilled at woodworking and not the design spectrum of guitar crafting. Or in other cases the builders had innovative designs, but were not very good at woodworking or the technical aspects. So, the duo decided that they could be successful at creating guitars that are more refined then anything available on the market, because they excelled at all aspects of guitar crafting due to intensive schooling, practice, and hands on trial and error.    

Their instruments are completely customized for their clients. They have short scales available for any of their models, mainly for female musicians or for children. You can also get the added option to add MIDI (Musical Instrument Digital Interface) to your guitar, which is essential for the digital musician. Most are neck-thru body construction, but they also do bolt-on necks if desired. In the future they have plans to build hollow body archtop, semi-hollow and acoustic guitars.

You say you want your own Rock-N-Roll piece of heaven? Well, they offer free quotes and a digital rendering of the custom design for your dream guitar. They have existing designs to choose from and/or the customer is welcome to submit their own creations. That's how much they want to make your musical fantasies into a reality! To enjoy the full spectrum of their talent and extraordinary creations please check out: or

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