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Vanessa Heart's first Burlesque performance at Zombielesque!

Sultry and seductive... Scarlet Sin came out in true blood fashion...


Vanessa Heart as her burlesque persona, Scarlet Sin had her first ever performance at Burleycute's Zombielesque. Check out the video below to see her performance.

Here is an article by the Examiner about Zombielesque with several references to Vanessa Heart as her burlesque persona, Scarlet Sin and her "True Blood" performance to the HBOs tv shows theme song "Bad Things" By Jace Everett.

Zombielesque: A celebration of burlesque and the grotesqueWhat do you get when you combine zombies and the art of burlesque? Zombielesque, the Halloween-themed burlesque show by the charming performers of Denver's own BurlyCute Burlesque, led by the sweet and sinister Cora Vette herself.

Last night's Zombielesque show at Bender's Tavern in downtown Denver was by turns hilarious, sultry, and disturbing. Cora Vette of BurlyCute Burlesque emceed the event, complete with dead baby zombie jokes* and her own rendition of Alice Cooper's "Feed My Frankenstein." She was assisted by a mummified Petra Pusé, the stage kitten from Hell, who was surprisingly lively for a dead cat. The music for the show ranged from a techno remix of Mussorgsky's"Night on Bald Mountain" (you know, the scary one from Disney's Fantasia), to "Bad Things" by Jace Everett (the theme song for True Blood), to the soundtrack of The Nightmare Before Christmas, and everything in between.

The dancers embraced the zombie theme; adorning themselves with fangs, severed appendages, open wounds, giant spiders, human fingers... and not much else. Those who had never seen a burlesque show before were delighted, teased, and terrified when beauty met BRAAAINS. Each dancer had her own unique style, and they ranged in experience from internationally renowned burlesque star Vivienne VaVoom to VaVoom's own recent student, Scarlet Sin. There was blood, exposed ankles, heinous dismemberment, and —perhaps most frightening of all — puppetry. The audience cheered and whistled for both the seductive and the grotesque. What was surprising was how often the two overlapped.

This was never more creative and hypnotizing than in the second act of the show, when dancer Anabella LaFontaine smeared her bare skin with a cauldron full of fresh blood in a performance that could've taught the blood-obsessed cast of True Blood a thing or two about seduction. The show wrapped with a performance of Michael Jackson's Thriller, (of course) sung by Cora Vette. All of the performers joined in on MJ's iconic dance as the audience clapped along. Zombielesque was followed by an after party in which Cora Vette and her band the Vinyl Tops entertained with their unique rockabilly burlesque sound.

*What's black and red and white all over? A nun being eaten by dead baby zombies.

Stay informed, stay alive: Visit BurlyCute’s website for more information on their burlesque shows, and for more ideas about what to do this Halloween season here in Denver, read my list of things to do in Denver when you're dead.

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