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Dr. Sketchy's Anti- Art School

Vanessa Heart presented "The Art of Pin-Up" at the infamous Dr. Sketchy's.
UPDATE! Vanessa Heart will be posing for the Denver Dr. Sketchy's Art Class on Sunday, Dec. 18th. She will be presenting a Special Holiday Edition. Come on down and create some art and inspiration!


Dr. Sketchy's Anti Art School Dr. Sketchy’s class is like a cross between an alternative burlesque show and an overdose of artistic mayhem. In a Dr. Sketchy’s class it is the models, not the students, who are the center of attention....and what models they are! Tattooed hunks, leather-clad submissives, feather-covered dancers, torpedo-brassiered vixens and/or skull-decorated Hindu goddesses performing a sort of stage show. The students, meanwhile, draw the surreal scene while class leaders organize drawing games and competitions.
drsketchyspose I first heard about Dr. Sketchy's Art Class through an old friend I ran into after a few years. He told me that he had now become a full blown respectable artist and he stated that the Santa Fe art district in Denver was really blowing up. "That Denver now had an eclectic range of art styles, artists and art classes." When he stated art classes, it peaked my interest and I asked for an example. "Dr. Sketchy's Anti- Art School", he said. He told me that the classes were live drawing classes filled with drag queens, burlesque dancers and characters of a exotic and fanciful nature.

Watch a video of Vanessa Heart posing for Dr. Sketchy's. After hearing the exciting story of such an interesting art class happening in my very own city, it sparked an interest. I went online and quickly learned that Dr. Sketchy isn't just a novelty idea, but a movement. It's a movement of creative minds all over the world. There are Dr. Sketchy's Art Classes in over 100 cities throughout 16 different countries!

I had planned to attend one of the infamous "Dr. Sketchy's" Art Classes, yet before I had a chance I was approached to actually pose for the class. "What an Art-Frahm-No-time-to-gohonor!", I thought. I love connecting with the art community and experiencing new things. Life is really dull if you can't step out of the realm of what you know and try something new, so I had sometime to think about what I would like to do for the class. I first turned to my wardrobe for some suggestions and it was then that the Dr. Sketchy's host Vivienne Vavoom suggested that I present "The Art of Pin Up". Perfect! I was really excited to present pin up, especially as a plus size model. I feel that pin up gals were meant to be voluptuous, so this was a great fit for me!

Several of my poses were inspired by the pin up artist of the 1940's and 1950's, Art Frahm. Whom often portrayed women in akward situations with their panties suddenly at their ankles. Since ya know, women's panties so often just "fall down". The remainder of the Dr. Sketchy's class included a 60s tiki themed scene and ending with a 1920's themed scene.

I had a lot of fun posing for the class, but sadly I had a bad sinus infection that left me swollen by the end of the session. I want to say "thank you" to all of the artists that donated their artwork to me and I would love to encourage anyone else to submit their artwork onto my facebook fan page.

Video of Vanessa Heart posing at Dr. Sketchy's Denver

I would like to extend a special thanks to all of the artists who submitted artwork to me. Thank you.

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