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Nessa's Night Out: Hemi Cuda

Nessas-Night-Out-with Hemicuda

NESSA'S NIGHT OUT with Hemi Cuda

Written by: Vanessa Heart
Varla Magazine - Issue #9

Remember the sensations of when you lost your virginity? You were shivering, quivering, tight, tense, hot, and heavy. Now imagine that was just your appetizer. For the entrée imagine: The Donnas, The Runaways, L7 and the raunchiness of Courtney Love with a side dish of all the volume, power, style, grace and beauty of a classic Hot Rod. And for desert you’ll straddle the throttle and shift into third gear and end up with a nasty lil’ punk rock trio called Hemi Cuda.

The two front gals - Anika and Karen are the pinnacle of class and trash! Their style incorporates the excess of the glam rock genre. Dolled up in matching fishnets, mini skirts, vibrant wigs, and KISS-styled boots these gals look so hot that they can make a Dominatrix sweat. Oh, and they have a drummer too. Devon delivers an ass-slapping, hard-hitting sound that makes babies cry either that or he stole their candy?

These gals will enthrall and entertain you with their fashion sense, amuse you with their random burps and talks of masturbation then rock your intestines with their sound! When I asked the gals what sort of sound they try to incorporate in their music they replied, “L7 meets the Go-Go’s. I think the Go-Go’s embody a lot of the poppier abilities that we possess. I think we can recognize a good catchy riff and put it together with harmony and make a catchy little song. But I think we also have the volume and the power and the tampon tossing abilities of L7”.Varla9cover

Their closing statements to all you fiendish Varla readers were, “We’re pretty girls that burp, fart, take shits, and fuck like men. We will break your heart, fuck you over, and then fart on you…but you’ll fall in love with us”.

Just a warning to the general public if your gonna hang out with this crowd then expect some groping, burping, laughing, and just a good ol’ fashion good time. And I’m giving you a heads up, be prepared for their new album. Be sure to check out their website for the latest and greatest info. Oh… and while you’re there be sure to check out their “Nude Girls” feature.

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