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Nessa's Night Out: The Mansfields


NESSA'S NIGHT OUT with The Mansfields

Written by: Vanessa Heart
Varla Magazine - Issue #7

A highly energetic band, The Mansfields, deliver the goods in a non-stop action packed show. Utilizing the thrill and sweat - pounding sound of early 80’s punk, trash, and old school Rock N’ Roll.

The Mansfields were born in the Fall of 1995, consisting of Dave, Doug, and Tommy. The name was spun off their song “Jayne Mansfield was a Punk”. They combine all the glitz, glamour, and fashion of the B-Movie Queen, with the addition of Ramones inspired Punk & Rockabillys' stormy weather. “We’re not lookin’ to re-invent Rock N’ Roll, we just want to keep kind of a voice for it out there”, says front man Dave Mansfield.

They give the audience more then just fashion sense. Any on-looker will get an electrifying, feet-stopping, fist raising show with alot of audience participation. With songs like “Hey HO! Fuck you!” and the Stray Cats cover “Rock this Town”, their shows are guaranteed to be filled with chaos, since one moment couples are swing dancing and the next a mosh-pit has formed. “We like exciting Rock N’ Roll music and fuckin’ playin’ loud! And just to get people really excited about it!”, says The Mansfields.Varla7cover

They cover a special event every year called “The Joey Ramone Birthday Bash”. I was lucky enough to catch the show this year. Where they covered 30+ Ramones songs non-stop. No pauses, no breaks, no intervals, just a concentrated dose of the pioneers’ of punk rocks most timeless covers. It was a sight to see, they would end one song, scream one, two, three, four, and jump right into the next song. This continued on for two hours and to that I would like to say “The Mansfields Fucking Rock”.

They’ve toured with L7, the Queers, and the Eyeliners. This band won’t stay in one place for long. This August the are heading out on a west-coast US tour. Then in February 2003 the boys will be off on to their 2nd European tour spanning 5 weeks. So my advice to you is if they’re in your neighborhood, believe me it’s a show you don’t want to miss (Remember: Nessa said So). The Mansfields are instant gratification and once you see them you’ll have a craving for some good Ol’ Punkabilly!



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