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Siren's Lingerie

ImageFebcoverIMAGE MAGAZINE: Siren's Lingerie

Written By: Vanessa Heart

Ladies, we don't need a man to feel sexy, or to appreciate a fine piece of negligee, but it sure can help. Either way sirenspicthis Valentines, if you’re single or taken nothing will put you in better spirits then to cruise on down to Cherry Creek and treat yourself like the goddess you are.

And what better or finer way then to douse your body in succulent fashions from Italy like Leigh Bantivoglio, or to wrap yourself in the soft fluffy heaven of a Cashmere robe, which has all the luxury of cashmere but with the versatility of cotton.

Sirens carries a variety of fashions from all over the world and from some of the best hot spots, such as New York, Los Angeles, Italy, France, and they even carry local designers. The Italian based brand Princess Tam Tam would be a perfect fit for this romantic season and will be sure to please any man in your life.
If you’re looking for something fun, hip, exotic, and flirty then be sure to check out their large line of Betsy Johnson Bras, Panties, Lingerie, Chemise, Lounge Shirts, Pajamas and other fun fashions of sleepwear. Betsy's fashions are one of my personal favorites! Immediately you will spot this gorgeous line filled with leopard, zebra prints and accented in hot pink lace!     

If you’re looking for the perfect panty for this Valentines, then look no further. Sirens carries Hanky Panky and Mary Green Panties! Hanky Panky are one size fits all, low rise, lace thongs and Mary green offers a variety of 100% delicate silk panties.         

And if fashion forward affordability is what you’re looking for this season then be sure to check out their $10 panty bin or their affordable lines of Lucy B, Mary Green, or Honey dew! No matter what you’re looking for this Valentines, Sirens will offer you a fun variety of sexy nightwear.

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